The Tyson Companies’ Advantage

Whether you are a potential Customer or Driver, the Tyson Companies’ Advantage is the same.

Drivers and Support Staff are known for their dedication, and quality of service. We do go the extra mile.

We take pride in a job done right. As a result most of our Customers have been with us a long time.

And yes it is nice when we receive awards for on time performance, but it is even nicer when a Customer calls to say what a fine job a Driver has been doing. In today’s tight economic conditions a Good Partnership is a valued commodity.

The Tyson Companies, a Family owned business, offers full service from truck load (TL) to less than truck load (LTL), as well as long term warehouse storage.

We have in house Computer and Customer Service staff, so we can react faster and more effectively to your needs.

Technology, Communications and Integration are the keys to providing you with good information.
Our capabilities include EDI, Internet, Auto-faxing, and E-mail. We have Satellite Communications with our Trucks.

We offer Load Tracking over the Internet and Performance Tracking with Auto-faxing. Our EDI transmissions occur as frequently as every 20 minutes. We provide timely and accurate information tailored to fit your requirements. (Select this link for more information.)
Give us a call.

Drivers: 800-845-8136

Sales: 877-897-6668 763-783-2918